Yogacharya Ursula Schmidtke

Yogacharya Ursula Schmidtke lives in Germany and has been practicing Kriya Yoga since 1993. She met Gurudev Paramahamsa Hariharananda in 1995, which was a turning point in her life. Then in 1996 to 1997 she had the fortunate opportunity to stay and serve and meditate with Gurudev in the USA.

She was authorized to teach Kriya Yoga in May 2007. Her training and profession is in the medical field and she has worked as a medical technician.

Upcoming Events
Oct-19 to Oct-21, 2018: Bad Wörishofen, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Oct-26 to Oct-28, 2018: Trier, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Nov-02 to Nov-04, 2018: Nuremberg, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Nov-07 to Nov-11, 2018: Frankfurt, Germany - International Retreat, langg. English ( Retreat)
Nov-16 to Nov-18, 2018: Tattendorf, Austria ( Initiation Program)
Nov-23 to Nov-25, 2018: Basel - Mariastein, Switzerland ( Initiation Program)
Nov-30 to Dec-02, 2018: Krakow, Poland ( Initiation Program)
Dec-08 to Dec-09, 2018: Retreat Eisenach, Germany ( Retreat)
Dec-24 to Jan-01, 2019: Tattendorf, Austria - Christmas /New Year Programme ( Retreat)
Jan-11 to Jan-13, 2019: Warsaw, Poland ( Initiation Program)
Jan-25 to Jan-27, 2019: Tattendorf, Austria ( Initiation Program)
Feb-01 to Feb-03, 2019: Szeged, Hungary ( Initiation Program)
Feb-08 to Feb-10, 2019: Graz, Austria ( Initiation Program)
Mar-15 to Mar-17, 2019: Osijek, Croatia ( Initiation Program)
Mar-22 to Mar-24, 2019: Salzburg, Austria ( Initiation Program)
Mar-29 to Mar-31, 2019: Mariastein (Basel), Switzerland ( Initiation Program)
Apr-03 to Apr-05, 2019: Lanckarona (near Krakow), Poland - 2nd Kriya Retreat
( Intensive)

Apr-05 to Apr-09, 2019: Lanckarona (near Krakow), Poland - 1st Kriya Retreat
( Retreat)

Apr-12 to Apr-14, 2019: Eisenach, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Apr-26 to Apr-28, 2019: Herrstein, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Apr-27 to May-03, 2019: Tattendorf, Austria - SEVA DAYS ( Seva Days)
May-10 to May-12, 2019: Trier, Germany ( Initiation Program)
May-29 to Jun-05, 2019: Tattendorf, Austria - 1st Kriya and Higher Kriya Retrat ( Retreat)
Jun-28 to Jun-30, 2019: Frankfurt, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Jul-19 to Jul-21, 2019: Tattendorf, Austria ( Initiation Program)
Jul-22 to Jul-25, 2019: Tattendorf, Austria - SEVA DAYS ( Seva Days)
Jul-26 to Jul-28, 2019: Munich, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Aug-02 to Aug-09, 2019: Elm, Switzerland - Meditation and Hiking Retreat ( Retreat)
Aug-02 to Aug-07, 2019: Sterksel, Netherlands - lang. English ( Retreat)
Aug-09 to Aug-18, 2019: Berlin - Wilhelmsaue, Retreat, Germany ( Retreat)
Sep-04 to Sep-11, 2019: Tattendorf, Austria - Ashram Foundation Seminar ( Retreat)
Sep-06, 2019: 21st Ashram Foundation Day ( Special Event)
Nov-01 to Nov-03, 2019: Nuremberg, Germany ( Initiation Program)
Nov-06 to Nov-10, 2019: Frankfurt, Germany - INTERNATIONAL RETREAT - lang. English ( Retreat)
Dec-24 to Jan-01, 2020: Tattendorf, Austria - Christmas/New Year Retreat ( Retreat)