Yogacharya Bhadrayu Pandya

Yogacharya Bhadrayu Pandya lives in Cincinnati, OH, with his wife, Sadhana, and has two children, Rupal and Urmil. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (in India) and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering (USA).

He met Baba Hariharananda in 1975 in New York City and began initiating in 1996. He is the leader of the Kriya Yoga Cincinnati center and enjoys serving the Kriya Yoga Institute, guiding meditations, and initiating new students.

He travels throughout the USA, particularly the Midwest, teaching Kriya. He has personally experienced profound changes in his life since he began practicing Kriya Yoga and is grateful to support others in making positive changes in their own lives.

Upcoming Events
Feb-23 to Feb-25, 2018: Little Rock, Arkansas ( Initiation Program)
Mar-23 to Mar-25, 2018: Raleigh, NC ( Initiation Program)
Apr-05, 2018: Lima, Peru ( Lecture Only)
Apr-07 to Apr-09, 2018: Lima, Peru ( Initiation Only)
Apr-14 to Apr-16, 2018: Bogota, Colombia ( Initiation Program)
Apr-20 to Apr-22, 2018: Barranquilla, Colombia ( Initiation Program)
Apr-20 to Apr-22, 2018: Cali, Colombia ( Initiation Program)
Apr-27 to Apr-29, 2018: Medellin, Colombia ( Initiation Program)
May-04 to May-06, 2018: Cali, Colombia - Programa Nacional ( Retreat)
Jun-08 to Jun-10, 2018: Cincinnati, OH ( Initiation Program)
Jun-22 to Jun-24, 2018: Edmonton, AB ( Initiation Program)
Jun-25, 2018: Edmonton, AB ( Intensive)
Jun-29 to Jul-01, 2018: Nashville, TN ( Initiation Program)
Sep-07 to Sep-09, 2018: Milwaukee, WI ( Initiation Program)
Sep-28 to Sep-30, 2018: Brasilia, Brasil - Programa de Iniciação e 20º Aniversário ( Initiation Program)
Oct-03 to Oct-07, 2018: Sao Paulo, Brasil - Programa de Fundação do Ashram ( Retreat)
Oct-06 to Oct-07, 2018: Sao Paulo, Brasil ( Initiation Program)
Oct-12 to Oct-14, 2018: Aracaju, Brasil ( Initiation Program)
Oct-19 to Oct-21, 2018: Buenos Aires, Argentina ( Initiation Program)
Oct-26 to Oct-28, 2018: Cancun, Mexico ( Initiation Program)
Nov-09 to Nov-11, 2018: Columbus, OH ( Initiation Program)