Frankfurt (Hübingen), DE - International Retreat

Nov 08 - Nov 12, 2023

Dear KRIYA YOGA Friends!

We are very pleased that our teachers will come again to join us for this silent retreat to guide us during this time through meditation and lectures. It is a very special occasion to assemble with our teachers in peace and quietness.

The retreat starts on Wednesday, 8thNovember and will end on Sunday, 12th November 2022.

Participation for the entire period is obligatory.

Initiations into 1st Kriya Yoga and 2nd Kriya Yoga can be obtained

The retreat will be held, as usual, at "Familienbegegnungsstätte" Huebingen, a very nicely situated seminar location in rural atmosphere. Here, we have the possibility to rent small accommodation units for 4 – 6 persons, which can be booked as well as for self-catering as for full vegetarian board and lodging.

PRICES are per person for the entire period:

Full board and lodging including breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 nights


O     Plus bedsheets and towels

271 EUR

O     Self-catering for 4 nights including towels and bedsheets

110 EUR

O     Single room additionally

  47 EUR

The seminar fee remains at

150 EUR

It is important to send your registration by regular mail or email to Wolfgang Lang (see footer) till the End of September 2023. Later applications cannot be accepted as we have to reserve the houses till that time.

Cancellations later than four weeks before the seminar starts, or nonappearance cause cancellation-fees from


Also, for any further information and questions please contact the below mentioned tel. nos. or leave a message. We will surely return your call.
Registration for the retreat attached below.

With love from your KRIYA YOGA group.

Wolfgang Lang    

Rütistrasse 20

CH4103 Bottmingen

T: 0041 79 173 1641 (we will call back)


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