Temple of Compassion, Burton, TX - Texas Retreat

Burton, TX
Nov-10 to Nov-12, 2017

Temple of Compassion

Texas Retreat

Yogacharya John Thomas Lopategui


You are invited to participate in the Texas Kriya Yoga Retreat with Yogacharya John Thomas Lopategui and Brahmachari Tapananda. Make the pilgrimage, sit with the master teachers of Kriya Yoga, go within, gain perspective, and experience silence. This is a truly rare opportunity to meditate in a serene environment with our loving teachers.

'Opportunity must not be neglected, for it may never return.' ~ Baba Hariharananda

The retreat is for initiates of Paramahamsa Hariharananda and Paramahamsa Prajnanananda or their designated representatives.

Location: Temple of Compassion, 12200 FM 389, Burton, TX 77835

The price for the retreat is $200. This price includes vegetarian food and shared, gender-segregated lodging. A $50 non-refundable deposit will hold a place for you. Full payment is due by November 3. All registrations are on a first-come basis.

Check-in begins on Friday at 2:00 PM and the retreat starts at 3:00 PM. We encourage participants to arrive on time so we can begin the retreat together. The retreat closes at 4:00 PM on Sunday.

If necessary for medical reasons, you may request special food items or bring you own pre-cooked food. Be sure to bring blanket, warm jacket and hat, rain jacket, and clock or watch. There is no store close by.

                                                               Tentative Schedule for the Texas Retreat

                                                                                   November 10 - 12

Friday  Saturday
02:00 pm Registration Begins 06:00 am Meditation
03:00 pm Class 07:45 am Breakfast & Cleanup Seva
04:00 pm Outdoor Walking Meditation 09:30 am Class
05:15 pm Class 10:45 am Meditation
06:15 pm Break 12:15 pm Lunch & Cleanup Seva
06:30 pm Meditation 01:00 pm Rest / Self-Study / Seva
08:15 pm Dinner & Cleanup Seva 04:00 pm Q & A / Video
    05:00 pm Class
    06:30 pm Meditation
    08:15 pm Dinner & Cleanup Seva
06:00 am Meditation
07:45 am Breakfast & Cleanup Seva
09:30 am Class
10:30 am Meditation
12:00 pm Lunch & Clean-up Seva / Closing Remarks

Downloadable Event Information:

Acharyas: Swami Gurusharanananda Giri, Swami Avyaktananda Giri, Yogacharya John Thomas Lopategui, Brahmachari Tapananda

Contact Details

Name Phone Email
Siva Agnoor (214) 542-6616 info@dallas.kriya.org

Ride and Room Sharing for this Event ...

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